Laser Cutting

Good Letter Best has been well established as one of the leading laser cutting companies in Cape Town. Our quality of workmanship is unmatched.  We strive to continuously invent breakthroughs in customer service and new design innovations.  Laser cutting is a cost and time efficient manufacturing method that cuts extremely detailed and fine designs for an infinite number of specialised requirements. Our cutting systems are the most precise CO2 laser cutting equipment on the field. We have several such systems that are used to manufacture variety of products.

Laser beam creates near perfect edges due to its high temperature which brilliantly polishes as it cuts. As a result most cut materials require no additional cleaning or polishing.  Loss of material is minimal due to the efficient layouts. Laser cut lines can be close or almost next to each other. Laser cutting can be very beneficial in reduction of material amounts and costs.  We can laser cut almost anything you can imagine, designs with sharp angles, smooth curves, small screw holes, and even complex lace designs – on a myriad of different substrates.  Laser Cutting is ideal for short runs; it is fairly easy to accomplish design modifications; and it provides you with unmatched accuracy and repeat-ability. It has the ability to cut complicated and anfractuous details that are not achieved by other processes, such as die cutting. However, should die cutting prove to be a more practical solution in some cases, we do offer this service too.